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October 31 2013

Bushwood Progress

McN4McN8McN6 McN3McN2Sorry for the pumpkin head. I didn’t feel right posting a picture showing my client’s son. Plus Halloween is today, so why not.McNam2388978af349b937c97af311f27f65fe9db0307c128fdd82ae201f746a06c957fProgress. Every aspect of that word makes me happy – especially on projects with a lot of custom details.  Custom takes thought, precision in design and patience during fabrication and installation. When progress is happening, all the hard work, revisions and waiting is worth it! I especially love the custom door hardware we had made from a local ironsmith. Slightly gothic, unique and stylish is what my client wanted. I have to say, it’s turning out to be a smoking hot room! We’re almost there. We are waiting for a huge piece of art to be delivered from my client’s collection and execute final styling plans. It will soon be ready for its photo shoot.

We’re starting to think about the family room upgrade, which will have a similar but more casual feel, using sumptuous but kid-freindly fabrics and interesting pattern and textures. This room will be designed to watch TV, read books and be used as a spill-over room during the many large parties they have with friends; which apparently involve many a spilled glass of red wine.  Designing for real life is current and chic. Stuffy, unaccessible rooms are of the past. To keep the flow happening, we’re changing the walls to a warm pewter finish and painting the coffered ceiling dark charcoal. We’re proposing a durable but stylish sectional from Crate and Barrel and adding hand-made pillows for added interested and reupholstering the existing chairs with gorgeous fabric. The surprise element to the room is sublime leather floor tiles from Torlys. We’ll stain the floor espresso like we did in the dining room and inset the leather tiles to look like a large area rug. It wears beautifully, is unique and adds a high end look for a reasonable cost. It’s a start, but my I’m totally on board with this scheme already. Let’s hope our clients are too! #Bushwood

October 26 2013

It’s Time For a Facelift

DSC_0249DSC_0274Thumb_saarinen_oval880,3 knoll_fk.5 weeks studio_no 419 oval boi chandelier.0 weeks studio_no 407 cross cable chandelier.0 rugs.3’s time for a studio make-over. You can see from the top two pictures my work space  is pretty minimal, which is great for working in, but it’s definitely lacking character. Wanting the atmosphere of a creative loft space, I’m cladding the longest outside wall in brick veneer and painting it white. We also lack space in the designated meeting area so we’re hanging a glossy black sliding door, inspired by the doors in the picture designed by the architectural firm Loading Dock 5, to maximize space. I’m working on a clever plan for the small windows, but I thought of it at 3am, so…enough said.

I need a meeting table and have always loved the Saarinen tulip table; so that is going to happen for sure. The debate is what chairs to put around it. I love the Danish Wishbone chairs, but there are times we are presenting a design plan for a couple of hours and need a chair that you can lean back in to stretch your spine, swivel when you’re thinking through tough decisions and still look stylish. So I’ll opt for a classic Eames desk chair in black leather or the Walter Knoll FK chair, which I’ve been coveting for a while. It’s stunning in white creamy leather. We need a new rug for under the sectional and a cool light for over the meeting table. I’m dreaming about the fixtures from David Weeks studio, but like most things worth having, need to be acquired over time…so this will be a work in progress.

October 21 2013

Before and Semi-After…


Barrett 6 Barrett 8Barrett 9


barrett 1 Barrett 2 Barrett 3 Barrett 4 Barrett 5I love a good before and after and I’m pretty happy with how my Hillside project has turned out so far. We’ve since hung beautiful drapery in the bedroom and side panels in the ensuite (outdoor rated fabric). When we get around to taking proper finished pictures, we’ll make the bed (maybe), fluff pillows and reinforce the romantic vibe with fresh flowers and scented candles. This will be a quiet space away from kids for this young couple. #Hillside