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November 24 2013

One, Two, Three, Four…

multible 6multible 2multible 1 multible 3multible 4multible 5Sometimes objects look more impressive when displayed in multiples, don’t you think? Keep that in mind when you don’t know what to do with your collections. Arrange them together for more impact!

November 22 2013

It’s Time To Shoot

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2IMG_5027booksIMG_5603IMG_2905  glassy babyliving room floating benchIt’s been an exciting month with interesting projects as well as having professional photos taken of some of the past homes we’ve designed for our new website, which will be coming soon! It’s amazing to me how much work goes into a photo shoot. I’m talking a crazy amount of hours and the whole process has to fit into an already busy schedule. There are the initial site visits, emails, style planning, shopping, scheduling,  and image planning, which involves preplanning the angles to be taken, lighting, etc.  It’s a big deal…and expensive. Here are a few iPhone pictures I took to show you some behind the scenes planning that took place. I like to keep my images clean, interesting and natural;  they need to represent the people who live there.  Shooting commercial work is a different process, however I like to approach it with the same philosophy: reflect the client who occupies the space and give it a fresh, contemporary edge.

Having a current portfolio is a designer’s calling card.  We are the trendsetters, the people who keep classics looking fresh and know when to break the rules but still maintain great design. Designers also are expected to be ahead of the game in both our formal (business-related) and informal (social media) lives and our work needs to reflect that. It’s a lot to juggle, but it’s also exciting to put what you love to do out in the world for others to admire…or critique. You be the judge.

November 14 2013

My Christmas Confession


After spending years decorating for big events and client homes for Christmas soirees, I have to confess that I sort of dread decorating for Christmas at my own home. The last few years my decorating has amounted to vases full of greenery, twigs and berries. Pinecones, beeswax candles and bowls full of mandarines being my biggest embellishment. My tree decorating thought process is “how can I recreate these same decorations to give it a new chic but minimal look?”…which is really code for….”I’m so bloody tired and I don’t feel like hanging these tedious ornaments!” And my tree has gotten noticeably smaller over the years too – which means less decorating. This is a harsh truth coming from a professional decorator.

However, with all that said I do love the Christmas season. It’s a time when the world turns off work for a few days and concentrates on what they value most – family and friends. If I can ignore the commercial harassment and feel the nostalgia there’s hope for me yet!

I thought I would give you a few tips on how to decorate simply, but oh so chic.

– Use real greenery…better to use a little of real than a lot of fake. Keep it simple, without a lot of adornment or even on its own.

– place thick, chunky candles everywhere under hurricanes, on antique plates or on cakes stands. I prefer natural beeswax candles.

– fill vases and bowls with the same natural things, such as white flowers, mandarins, cranberries or pinecones. Not an original idea, but still simple and beautiful.

– White lights and minimal decorations on a real tree looks just as nice as the full lavish trees dripping with ornaments in a trendy colour palette. I love seeing the green of a tree and rather not cover every inch of it.

– If you prefer more detail and colour, you can still keep it simple by adding a touch of the exotic using pomegranates, limes, and magnolia leaves to your mantel greens and in glass vases. You can switch out the usual shiny silver decorations with brass or copper metals instead.

– Atmosphere. Fill your home with gorgeous music and beautiful, natural scents.

– Relax. Family and friends will appreciate the time you took to plan a great menu and thoughtful, personal decorative touches, over an overly fussy home. Save the elaborate decorations for when you’re entertaining your boss.

You can also check out my Christmas Pinterest board for a few more simple, chic Christmas decorating ideas.

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