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December 9 2013

Kicking Neutral Up a Notch

colourColour inspiration this 2In need of an amazing backsplash.tileMini herringbone tile for texture.hallGreat bones, but needs wow.

CHC2126BZBlack lanterns for contrast and for a bit of drama.floral fabricFabric for colour injection.

I’ve been recently hired to decorate a home in Newmarket. It’s already attractive with beautiful flooring and high ceilings, but I’m excited to take it to the next level. This week I’ve been inspired by colour after receiving a supplier’s marketing package full of striking colour combinations. In fact, it motivated me to inject some colour into the project I’m working on. I love a sophisticated, neutral space, especially with white walls, as long as there are contrasting elements like texture and quality art to make it interesting. But I realize that it is important to add colour, whether it be on the walls, fabric or art when decorating interiors for clients who love colour. It’s important not only visually, but viscerally.

The kitchen needs more texture, so without committing to a trendy backsplash they may get tired of, we’re adding a stunning backsplash in an updated herringbone pattern to give it a sophisticated look. For the foyer, I want to play up the existing traditional feel by adding applied moulding and crown down the hall and painting it a creamy white to give it an airy, grand feel. The door will be replaced eventually, but I’m suggesting that in the interim, they simply paint the door portion a glossy black for much needed contrast.  We will replace the flush mount lights that go all the way down the hall into the main living area with black lantern style lights. The windows look a bit too low, so we’ll install a tailored valance above the trim to give the illusion of  higher windows and roman blinds in the same fabric with the hit of colour that my client requested. We picked a large scale, classic print from Duralee with reds, yellow and green colour for the fabric. The foyer needs a functional piece of furniture onto which they can throw their keys and papers. I would love to layer an extra large floor mirror behind a beautiful console for impact. It’s a work in process, but a fantastic start! #Newmarket

December 5 2013

Michael Kors x goop x Moi

I don’t know about you, but when I read or see anything about Gwyneth’s glam, chic life, I’m intrigued. I’ve subscribed to her blog ‘goop’ since day one. It’s full of unrealistic fashion, food and lifestyle advice – which I’m a total sucker for. I know it’s all a bit pretentious; but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy, non?  I can totally see me sitting at her island as she prepares one of her seemingly effortless meals while I drink cocktails…

You get a taste of what I’m talking about in this Michael Kors x goop collaboration. If you’re like me, you’ll press pause and snoop at her stunning home originally designed by Windsor Smith and get a few good seasonal decorating tips too. Dream!

If you want a taste of celebrity chic, I can help you get that look in your home. Email me and we’ll chat…

xx  (pretentious air kisses)


P.S.  If you’re looking for some great gift ideas, check out this on-line store. I would be happy to receive anything from their selection!

December 1 2013

Just Another Random Week

Front UrnThursday night floral class at Living Fresh Flower School. Introducing my front urn creation!

vacuumingAnother day at the office before a photo shoot.

foyer 2A nod to Ralph Lauren in this beautiful foyer we decorated and styled.

beforeKitchen and dining reno happening here in the new year.

berriesBerry Christmas!

It has been a random week of tasks, which seems to be the norm at hd. We got a lot accomplished above and beyond our regular in-studio work, which usually consists of meetings with suppliers to keep our sample library stocked with the latest, client appointments, drawings and project management. I took a class on how to create a seasonal, organic front urn (a good skill to have), we also had a project agreement signed to begin a kitchen/dining area (plus) reno in the new year, we had a couple of styling and photo shoot days for clients and for our own work, and we landed an awesome shipping and receiving location. This is significant for our business, as it makes us capable of bringing in products for our client directly and not through a middle man. I love it when seemingly small steps produce major growth for my company. The bonus of this location is that it’s shared with a carpenter who works strictly with cedar – how incredible is that smell! I even took a few seconds to stop and take a picture of this beautiful berry bush (not sure of the technical name) on our property. I love how it’s decked out in holiday cheer!

It never fails to amaze me how time flies every week. With good and bad moments it steadily ticks on, whether I’m ready or not. I never know how my week will turn out, as much as I plan ahead. The only predictability is that my plans will most definitely change.  Such is the life of a designer.

Have a wonderful, unpredictable week!