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April 30 2014

BLANCO…The One Thing Families Need.

I’ve been using BLANCO  products for client projects for years. The quality and style is hard to beat. Recently BLANCO launched a new sink line called the ONE sink.  

See the different sink options to fit common lifestyle scenarios on this video here.

ONE Med Single (Metro)


ONE Super Single (Foodie)


ONE XL Single (Family)


ONE KIT Glamour Shots showing the sink in action!Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.35.55 PM

Another sink BLANCO is introducing is the ATTIKA  which I think would add the extra unique flair to the look of your kitchen. It’s subtle but very well crafted. The BLANCO CULINA MINI Faucet is a perfect mate to the sink.


The Quatrus R15 Sink is perfect for a clean and contemporary kitchen – which is my favourite style for a kitchen.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.59.53 PM

On a side note, last week we celebrated Earth Day and BLANCO’s video initiative was launched for their Solon composting system. I was asked during our BlogTourNYC trip to say a few tips for Earth Day. You can watch the video here: BLANCO by design video. Earth Day Tips from designers for a healthy home.   The BLANCO Solon Composting system is something I will be specifying for future projects. It’s stylish and practical!

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.52.15 PM

Those are some of my new favourite new introductions from BLANCO, but there are many more to see. I hope you take the time to check them out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

April 27 2014

Rutt Cabinetry – Influenced By A Master

I’m inspired by intelligent, creative people at the top of their game. How they became who they are and the thought process behind what they do is fascinating to me.  When I was on Blog Tour NYC, there were opportunities to learn from design authorities on a daily basis. Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus  and founder of Blog Tours understands the nature of creative people and how we feed off each other’s innovativeness to influence our own body of work.
On this tour, I had the privilege of listening to renowned design leader Scott Stultz talk at the AD Home Design Show. He designed a handsome new kitchen line for Rutt Cabinetry called the Ruskin Series, which was influenced by John Ruskin.  Many say Ruskin was the most influential critic of art and architectural of the 19th century and perhaps of modern times.Scott StultzRuskin Concept Rendering by Scott Stultz
Listening to Scott explain the thought process behind each architectural detail was fascinating.  “When designing the Ruskin series we focused not only on history and strong design principles, but on what captures our attention and holds emotional value for us in the way our homes are furnished,” said Stultz. “Ruskin transcends trend, fashion, and style. The form, details, and proportions of Ruskin speak to our most enduring primal needs for meaningful and comfortable dwellings.”
Rutt Cabinetry‘s collaboration with Scott was a brilliant decision as his design enhances the already prominent position among Rutt’s Timless Original designs. Look at the gorgeous detail and quality!

Rutt Collage 2Rutt Collagephoto credit: Rutt Cabinetryrutt counterphoto credit featuring Bastille Metalwork’s zinc counter: habermehl design group inc.

Rutt’s AD Home Design Show display was fitted with accoutrements from Miele, Grothouse, Bastille Metalworks, Franke, Studio DUNN, and Emeco.  The collaboration was impeccable as it showcased the calibre of work Rutt Cabinetry can create for your kitchen and other cabinetry needs in your home.

logo_ruttOur name travels in elite circles. Like fine art, the Rutt name is appreciated most by those who embrace culture and refinement. Rutt’s leadership in custom cabinetry makes our expert craftsmanship and artistry the benchmark to which so many aspire.” Rutt Cabinetry


April 23 2014

Fast Food Design

grossoAs consumers of big box stores and subpar TV , we’ve been brainwashed to expect quick, cheap and mediocre decorating. It’s bothersome that our value for beautiful, quality products is diminishing and yet our expectations for getting more for less has gone up.  We are spoiled and impatient. We buy more square footage than we can afford to decorate and resort to purchasing cheap to fill it. Instead of feeling energized by our homes, many of us are feeling drained by them. Your home should be an emotional, visceral experience.

Decorating without the investment emotionally and financially is like eating fast food; it appeases you for a short period of time, but long term leaves you feeling dissatisfied and wasteful. I’m a believer in moderation, including a decorating diet…a little bit of Homesense and IKEA mixed in with majority of quality or heirloom pieces. This is a good balance.