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September 23 2014

What I’m Working On – Framing Art

Framing art is an art in itself. Done well, it can make or break any piece, whether it’s worth pennies or millions. When designing a home, I always factor in where the art will be placed from the electrical layout, colour of the walls to where the room’s focal point will be. It’s imperative to add art to your home to give it personality. Original art is worth the investment in my opinion, which doesn’t have to be expensive. But, even a good print or a drawing your child brought home from school can look amazing when framed and matted properly.

Here are some examples of art we had framed for projects. Some are  valuable, some affordable…all beautiful.

IMG_7948This is a dramatic little painting. Small but mighty.IMG_7949Keeping it classic with a gold frame and linen matting.IMG_7955We framed these similar prints to look “old and inherited”.
IMG_7959Mixing different styles of black frames in this gallery wall keeps it interesting yet controlled, so to not overwhelm the fine ink drawings.IMG_7970We left the 60’s frame on this original Joseph Plaskett painting to maintain the value.IMG_7946The frame on this Matisse piece is intentionally delicate. The subtle gold detail looks beautiful with the other gold pieces in the room.

IMG_7964I love how each raised box on this work is its own piece of original art. The orange background gives it a pop-art feel, which is fun.

IMG_7981Finally, this sweet black and white picture of my dog Angus was drawn by my daughter when she was a little girl. I had it custom framed. Priceless.

September 22 2014

Monday Musings – Vicente Wolf

My designer friend Meredith Heron and I were texting the other day about design, fashion and blogging…the usual convo for us. During our chat we were brainstorming of ways to keep my blog content entertaining to read. Yet wanting it to reflect my belief; if I write what I’m passionate about (good design) and use my every day work as inspiration, I will have loads of interesting things to blog about. Blogging is incredibly inspiring too, which luckily for us design bloggers, elevates our design practices. Meredith had some good advice to help me stay more focused on my blog; I’ll be writing regularly on certain topic points with a little twist each week. I would love to hear from you on what you think! Here’s a link to Meredith’s blog for some more sweet inspiration. Click here.

For today’s Monday Musings I thought it would be appropriate to start with a quote from my mentor Vicente Wolf.

“The drama of this interior doesn’t come from the obvious; it comes from the strength of the point of view. The rooms are sets—not for theater, but for living.”                                                                                                                                                    —Interior designer Vicente Wolf, August/September 01

Here’s a picture of a Nantucket holiday home I had the pleasure to go see with Vicente at the beginning stages of the design process. Even though the budget was generous, Vicente still designed it so his client’s summer home was completely liveable using stylish, yet easy to maintain furniture and materials. You really can have both beauty and function with the help of a good designer.

vicenteThe living room of Karel and Frank Greenberg’s Nantucket home, which was decorated by Vicente Wolf, features rawhide chairs by McGuire and a rug by Stark Carpet. Photographer: Vicente Wolf Designer Elle Decor Issue: June 2008

September 11 2014

Paris Progress

I’m working on a small bedroom and bathroom refresh for a friend of mine who lives in Paris, Ontario. She owns a successful advertising and PR business called Flying Camel (yes, the name has a story…you can read about it here: Flying Camel). She’s waiting to move into her dream home where she’ll invest in her decorating; but for now, we are sticking to a modest budget. I’m all for a five year plan!

She’s looking for an eclectic, but edited style that reflects her easy-going personality. She travels the world for business and when she’s home wants a serene place to sleep and get ready for the day. We chose a neutral, patterned wallpaper for the wall behind her bed to create interest and a luxurious, upholstered bed for comfort. The mirrors behind the bedside tables are to create symmetry and reflect the light of the lamps in the naturally dark room.

Here’s the initial concept we came up with for her bedroom. I think we’re off to great start!