January 31 2015

Vegas Moments

I’m home from Las Vegas Blog Tour and after a week, I’m finally feeling back to normal! 15 plus hour days, jet lag and not being 20 yrs old any more took it’s toll! Here are a just few of my off-duty moments in Vegas that made this trip special.

Flying in to Vegas for the first time. I’m embarrassed to say, I thought this might have been the Grand Canyon below. It wasn’t.IMG_1936Having a glass of champagne with one of my new blog tour friends, Regina Sturrock. We were representing Canadian Design!
IMG_1959This is Regina on the left. Super talented and beautiful.IMG_1977NKBA Bash…crazy fun night!IMG_2899NKBA bar…umm, it’s Vegas.
IMG_2902This was our usual form of transportation. It may look glamorous, but I have to say, each one of these talented designers are super hard working people and deserve a little pampering. I miss this crew.IMG_3014This little guy was too cute not to photograph at the airport!IMG_3293My flight home with Vegas shining bright below. Nothing like the red-eye to get you ready for a busy work week. Sigh.



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