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February 13 2015

Wilsonart: “Spirit of Mindfulness”

Wilsonart is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of High Pressure Laminates, Quartz, Solid Surface and other engineered surfaces.

Wilsonart’s design team debuted 27 designs in the 2015 Wilsonart® Residential Laminate Collection that previewed at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), in Las Vegas.  There are three different collections to choose from, so it’s easy to find a design that fits your budget and style. Here are a few styles that caught my eye which suit the naturalist, the sophisticate or retro lover.


cocktail-lounge-y0125502ca3e53e426a3dbc33ff00009529b6Environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo* gave our Blog Tour Vegas team a tour of Wilsonart’s amazing booth, showcasing all their latest products in fun, functional lifestyle scenarios!

*About Danny SeoThrough his 9 bestselling books, namesake magazine Naturally, Danny Seo, television programs, products, and nationally syndicated column, green lifestyle expert Danny Seo has shared his creative ideas for over 20 years to become the country’s leading authority on modern, eco-friendly, healthy living.

IMG_2247The opportunity to mix and match are are endless! IMG_2242An example is the mix of Wilsonart’s new Quartz  and Laminate, highlighted by LED strip lighting.
IMG_2244Did you know you can install Wilsonart’s Quartz horizontally and vertically? What a great idea for a bathroom.
IMG_2253Instead of limiting yourself to standard shelving, why not custom design sleek, floating shelves in one of their woodgrain patterns?
IMG_2251…Or design interesting shaped shelves to give your office library a unique, edgy look.
IMG_2257One of my favourite products featured at Wilsonart’s KBIS booth was their chalkboard laminate. Not just limited for commercial use, this is a genius idea for a kitchen, office or hobby room! IMG_2270

 “The spirit of mindfulness is evident in residential interior design as homeowners recover from the austerity of the last few years,” says Natalia Smith, Wilsonart design manager. “While still focused on style, consumers want their home to showcase their personality. The emphasis has shifted to living in and enjoying their home, rather than improving it solely for future real estate value.”

*Wilsonart was another fabulous Blog Tour Vegas sponsor. Please contact me if you have any further questions and I can direct you to the right people!

February 13 2015

Pet Parlor: Custom Cabinets with Your Pet in Mind. Genius!

I’m working on a few renovation projects for young families who all own a dog. Many of us pet owners will try to deny it, but our furry family members are almost as important as our kids! So, when I saw that Wood-Mode, one of our Blog Tour Vegas sponsors, created a new cabinetry line with pets in mind, I was intrigued. This new line is called Embassy Row Pet Parlor  and was featured at KBIS this year. I witnessed first-hand how they cleverly integrated pet and owner’s storage needs seamlessly.  What also stood out to me was how beautiful craftsmanship was. I get pretty excited when great design, new ideas and the finest quality are considered. See for yourself in this video:

“The ultimate treat for your pets and the people they own.” Wood-Mode.

This new concept also doubles as a laundry room, which gives many of the design details a dual purpose (see island, integrated lockers, storage solutions, etc.). Too many of my clients have mudrooms and laundry rooms (pre-renovation) with next to zero useful storage and are usually the most neglected areas in the home. Wood-Mode’s integrated cabinetry resolves all these issues and looks beautiful too. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate this; even our furry family members. Genius!

Here are some of the features:

  • Island with Integrated Doors & Cabinets (Brushing & Grooming, Sorting & Folding)
  • Built-In Pet Fountain with Faucet System
  • Custom Hideaway Dog Dish Drawer with Adjacent Food Storage Bins
  • Storage Solutions for Bones, Toys & Biscuits
  • Integrated Lockers for Leash, Collar and Clothing Storage
  • Extra Large Sink for Bathing & Grooming
  • Integrated Appliances


Wood-Mode had another genius idea I loved. During KBIS they brought in several adorable puppies, training to be service dogs. Show attendees could take a #KBISSelfie with one of the puppies and post the picture on social media. For each picture posted Wood-Mode gave $5 to Susquehanna Service Dogs of Central Pennsylvania. No one could resist these sweet puppies and waited in a long line to take a selfie for this amazing cause. I really admire a company that share their success by giving back. They made a big difference that day. Kudos to them!

Here’s my #KBISSelfie!


Also, if you have a moment to go on Wood-Mode’s website, check out their new kitchen line called Oceanside.   “Perched along the rocky coast and fused in colors of its natural surroundings, this contemporary space provides a tranquil refuge for a long weekend or gathering with friends.” I’ll let you dream about that for a while!  xo

If you’re interested in learning more about Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry or would like to discuss a future design project for your mudroom or kitchen, please contact me, I would love to hear from you!


February 11 2015

Above Sunset Strip: Poppenpohl, BLANCO and Cosentino Unite.

IMG_0125Poggenpohl create luxury kitchens and has been at the forefront of kitchen cabinetry design for over 120 years.” For some, these words are just a marketing tag, but here’s what these words mean to me:

Luxury” means the highest standards, discerning taste and quality.

Forefront” means industry leaders in their field, relevant/adaptable products and forward thinking.

120 Years” means test of time, specialists and business integrity.

As a designer, this is a company I want to align myself with.

Our Blog Tour Vegas  team had the privilege of being invited to tour The Mandarin Residential penthouses, situated at MGM City Center. We were there to see Poppenpohl, BLANCO and Cosentino, a few of our blog tour sponsors, which were featured throughout each residence. To make the night even more special, we were entertained by two Cirque du Soleil performers throughout the evening tour, enhanced by the view overlooking Sunset Strip!

IMG_2103Photo: Alison Habermehl
dsc_0920IMG_2140Photo: Alison Habermehl 

My favourite part of the tour were the gorgeous Poggenpohl kitchens! Even though the space was compact, you didn’t feel at all restricted. There were caterers, designers and media people in and out of the kitchens seamlessly all night. A sign of good design.

IMG_0118Delicious hors d’oeuvres served throughout the night.
dsc_0840Several of us proving how a small kitchen space doesn’t mean sacrificing function, as caterers and designers mingle in the kitchen.DSCF2279Breaking away from the party to have a chat with my friend Michelle Cortizo.dsc_0710Chasen West Photography

Poggenpohl have many contemporary styles perfect for condos, office spaces, lofts or exquisite, modern homes. You can browse some of my favourite lines HERE.

Offering tailored fittings to maximize space for storage allows everything to be visible and have its place. These customizable details are what you expect with a luxury product such as Poppenpohl. Their Detailed Perfection  system, uses a combination of advanced German engineering and individual attention that can only come from skilled craftsmanship.

I was thrilled to hear BLANCO was sponsoring us to go to Vegas and excited to see how their product paired with Poggenpohl cabinetry in The Mandarin Residences. It was a perfect pairing. You can see below how seamless the BLANCO CULINA™ Semi Professional faucet and STEELART SINK combo work together in this Poggenpohl kitchen.IMG_2151Photo: Alison Habermehl
441331-441623_CULINAS_PC_WBNew chef-inspired BLANCOCULINA™ MINI faucet combines water-saving performance with a unique closed coil and magnetic holder – all in a right-sized profile for open floor plans.

BLANCO introduced a new integrated Dark Walnut cutting board accessory for its award-winning ATTIKA™ kitchen sink. It not only looks amazing, but is very functional, leaving no wiggle room when chopping…or putting down your wine glass. ahem…unnamed

Another one of our sponsors, Cosentino, featured their semi-precious stone called Prexury®  in the Mandarin Penthouse. They cleverly backlit the stone with LED lights, which changed colour throughout the night, creating different moods.

dsc_0936IMG_2161Photo: Alison Habermehl

Here is Cosentino’s AURA NATURAL COLLECTION (by Dektonfeatured on a fireplace wall with a soaker tub on the opposite side! A great design take-away for future projects. Look how realistic it looks to marble!IMG_2142Photo: Alison Habermehl

I will feature some of Cosentino’s other cool products in a future post. You’ll love how versatile their products are!

If you’re interested in any Poppenpohl, BLANCO, or Cosentino products for your kitchen, bathroom or office space, please contact me and I’ll direct you all the right people!