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October 8 2014

Dreaming – Travel Abroad Or At Home

I travelled a lot when I was younger and embraced whatever opportunities came my way.  Since then I’ve done more travelling for work than for leisure, but it can be just as inspiring. I love the look of a well travelled home and how it conjures up great memories of travelling abroad.

Here are a few examples of designers who embrace this look in their projects. Designer: Phoebe HowardDesigner Vicente WolfWilliam Abranowicz photograph (featuring work by Thomas Struth)

October 1 2014

Dreaming – Carved Plaster…Angelina & Brad’s French Chateau

Okay, now that I have your attention. I’m sure I’m not the only person that totally flipped over the carved plaster wall in Brad and Angelina’s French Chateau. I saw it when reading about their wedding in People Magazine. I couldn’t find any specific pictures online, but I took a few pictures of my magazine with my camera. Sorry for the photo quality. Brangelina have a very contemporary aesthetic which they juxtaposed with things like this plaster wall, which is so effective.IMG_8039 IMG_8040 IMG_8041I’m a fan of well-designed but edited rooms which lean more contemporary than traditional. I’m not one to say ‘more is more’, but I have to say what takes my breath away is a striking feature in a room; whether it’s an architectural detail, a stunning piece of art or a unique piece of furniture. After traveling in Morocco I’ve been a huge fan of Moroccan architecture, which uses a lot of carved wood and plaster. I came across this website showing an artisan working on a plaster carved wall. Unbelievably gorgeous, isn’t it?  I am definitely using this as an inspiration for a future project.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.31.18 PMPhoto via:Moresque

September 24 2014

Dreaming – Luxury Sheets and Tile…My Dream Team.

How amazing would it be to sleep in these D.Porthault sheets? They’re total luxury at about 2K per set!  Since this is my day to dream, I thought I would indulge and pick out the style I would dress my bed with. It’s hard to choose, but my favourite is the understated elegance of the Jour de Paris set. The crisp cotton percale with hemstitching detail in white is the perfect backdrop for the ultimate Paris hotel experience. Continuing with the theme of chic Parisian hotel, I fell in love with these Anne Sacks tiles a while ago and have been dreaming about them since. Maybe not what you would traditionally see in a Paris hotel, but I love the artisanal design and watery colour of this particular tile. It’s my version of Parisian chic. I would compliment these tiles with soft white marble floors, polished nickel faucets, vintage light fixtures and white fluffy towels. Jours de ParisAnne Sacks Tile