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November 6 2014

Design Dilemma: Quantity vs. Quality

I totally understand working with a budget and having “so much” set aside to spend on something. Even though I’m in the design business, I too have to consider my purchases carefully; making sure what I bring into my home is worth the hard earned money I spent on it. Do I really love it? Will it add substance and interest to my home? Will it improve the function of the space?  Will it make me smile?

A reoccurring issue I see, is people wanting so much for so little. This often results in, a) compromising on quality, b) compromising on the over-all design (scale, light, colour etc. to accommodate the not so perfect piece into the space) and, c) compromising on the enjoyment you get when you purchase something you absolutely love.

My friend Meredith said recently that some people fall in love more with the price than the thing they’re purchasing. Food for thought.coco


September 11 2014

Paris Progress

I’m working on a small bedroom and bathroom refresh for a friend of mine who lives in Paris, Ontario. She owns a successful advertising and PR business called Flying Camel (yes, the name has a story…you can read about it here: Flying Camel). She’s waiting to move into her dream home where she’ll invest in her decorating; but for now, we are sticking to a modest budget. I’m all for a five year plan!

She’s looking for an eclectic, but edited style that reflects her easy-going personality. She travels the world for business and when she’s home wants a serene place to sleep and get ready for the day. We chose a neutral, patterned wallpaper for the wall behind her bed to create interest and a luxurious, upholstered bed for comfort. The mirrors behind the bedside tables are to create symmetry and reflect the light of the lamps in the naturally dark room.

Here’s the initial concept we came up with for her bedroom. I think we’re off to great start!



September 7 2014

23 Years Ago…

It’s hard to believe the summer is over and September is here! I usually take a break from social media the month of August to recoup for a busy season ahead and spend some much needed time with my family at the cottage. I have some exciting things planned for this year and look forward to sharing with you as they happen.

Today, I’m reflecting back on a special day 23 years ago when I married the sweetest man around. Here are a couple of photos I dug up from that day. I designed my wedding dress which was inspired from the movie The Princess Bride – one of my favourite movies.  xo