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October 7 2016

Starting Your Art Collection






Keep us in mind when you’re planning to redesign or decorated your home. We would love to show you how the perfect pieces of art and the proper locations can transform your new beautiful space even more. We can also make suggestions on how to integrate new art with what you already own. 


July 20 2016

How To Introduce Luxury Into Your Home 

When I started my journey into the land of luxury for myself, it was surprisingly only a few years ago. I can design and procure at a higher level for my clients, that’s my job, but purchasing with this notion for myself was a whole other story. The pivotal point started with the idea that it’s impossible to design with luxury if I’m not willing to purchase these pieces for myself; it seemed hypocritical. For me, it’s about buying less but spending more on the things that truly bring me joy every time I look at it or touch them. I can say there have been no regrets when my purchases have been made in this regard: I love them enough that I have to pause before purchasing because it always stretches my price point for something special. The carefully chosen find will be of superior quality that can be seen and felt (knock-offs can’t touch it with a 10 foot pole), and it’s unique and often functional.

My stance on adding luxury in your home is not for the sake of grandeur or to spend money unnecessarily, but to take the time to choose things that add quality and interest in your home. There’s an elegance to having a few special pieces that can handle the test of time. And here are the key words – A FEW. Unless you have the means to buy luxury everything, you need to be strategic and plan ahead. Pick a few key pieces in prominent locations and spend on the best you can there. Mixing high-low is totally acceptable and the bonus is your low is elevated to a higher level when you have your luxury items mixed in.


Here are a few tips on how to get started on this path of luxury in your home:

– Replace your decorative lighting in key areas with high-quality, unique fixtures.

– Replace Kitchen and Bathroom counters with marble.

– Update drapery with custom-made.

– Update your hardware with interesting detail, scale and finish.

– Start collecting accessories of value and group them together for impact.

– Purchase a statement piece of furniture, art or mirror for each room.

blog2“Luxury is in each detail”. Hubert de Givenchy

blog1*All rooms shown are designed by Habermehl Design Group.


February 26 2016

Creative Trip Miami

I visited Miami recently to meet with fellow blog tour designers and hear talks on design/business strategies. The #1 takeaway from that day was how fearless you have to be when owning your own business. But one of the biggest reasons for my trip was to take a few days to explore Art Basel, which has been on my wish list for a few years. It’s one of the most important art events of the year for art collectors and dreamers alike. Art Basel is filled with artists, hipsters, serious collectors and designers alike…it’s really something to see in person. I toured Elle Decor’s Modern Life Concept House, went to a swanky after party, roamed outdoor night galleries, went to a museum, had cocktails on a yacht with my friends and ate some amazing food.

There are so many ways to tap into your creative spirit. Mine is being surrounded by art, artists, creative thinkers, walking through a perfectly curated gallery, to streets filled with graffiti – they are all equally compelling for me. I have friends who love being in nature or cooking to trigger a creative thought. I think the lesson for me is to find time to do it more often.

Here’s a photo journal of sorts of some of my moments in Miami.

IMG_8663 IMG_8644 IMG_8638 IMG_8637 IMG_8569 IMG_8317 IMG_8315 IMG_8314IMG_879012308239_10207381992735374_3129761289392883903_nIMG_8812