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October 22 2015

It’s Personal

IMG_7678I took this picture and posted it to my Instagram page when I was at my cottage a week ago. My friend Meredith Heron saw it and told me I need to get it printed on a large canvas and hang it in my dining room. I was hesitant since it’s not the best quality, but decided if printed on canvas it will look cool. She said the fact I took the photo and it’s of the lake I love makes it personal. That sealed the deal.

The conversation led to a bunch of other ideas, like painting the walls a green/black or chalky grey colour and maybe use one her gorgeous fabrics from her JF Fabrics line to replace my existing drapery…the ideas were texted back and forth late into the night.

It all started with a photo.

July 3 2015

What I’m Working On: A Little Side Project

It’s fun when you get side projects from existing clients, such as a chalet, yacht or a cottage. I was asked to help decorate an ice house for my Hong Kong clients. They have a historical country property just outside Cambridge and when they return home for the summers from Hong Hong, they live in their ice house located on their property (they currently rent their house until they return permanently from HK). They want it to be cosy, quaint and provide enough storage to accommodate a summer’s worth of living. We’re going to tackle this project in 2 phases: the first phase designed as their temporary summer home with a designated sleeping area. The second phase is when they move back permanently. The dream is to transform it into a writing studio, complete with a desk workspace, cosy reading chair, and resurrected fireplace that was covered up in a previous renovation.